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DESCRIPTION: JAMES MWANGI takes you on a journey through Luo land and whips up a hilarious cocktail of tradition and cultural practices Sex Position Luo Girls a time, long before penicillin and you had the misfortune to catch lockjaw disease or Tetanus — a disease that clamped jaws shut. If you were Luo, you would be minus six lower teeth, allowing medics of that era to feed you herbal concoctions through the gap.

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It is during this period that the mother, still occupying a central position as adviser and supervisor of the girl's work, finds difficulty in the management of her daughter. Since the domestic work of her household is heavy, the mother uses all kinds of pressure to induce her daughter to do as much as she can. The girl's life at this time is characterized by her increased interest in boys and desire to come into contact with them.

The friendships established during childhood with other young girls Sex Position Luo Girls weakened by the development of a new object of friendship in the opposite sex. During this time the breasts of most girls develop noticeably. The girls show great interest in this development and employ various means to stimulate it. An instance Sex Position Luo Girls this interest can sometimes be seen among those who stuff clothes in their bosoms to exaggerate the size.

On the whole, the period differs only in the fact that the girls definitely aspire to be grown-ups and are also more interested in friendship with boys. As compared with the school-going age, there is little or no interference from the mother. Thus the adolescent girl enjoys the freedom of being able to do most of her domestic work independently.

Unless strict discipline is exercised she spends much of her time meeting her male friends. The thought of marriage begins to assume a reality Sex Position Luo Girls to become an influential factor in her attitude and movements.

The self-love which made its first conspicuous appearance during the preceding Sex Position Luo Girls now takes the form of an effort to make herself look more attractive. Holes may be made in the ears from which to suspend ear-rings, and all sorts of armlets or bands are worn round the wrists. Clothes or head-dresses of bright colours are specially chosen. Although the practice is Sex Position Luo Girls dying out, girls of this age used also to be addicted to tattooing their backs.

Better clothing is among the most pressing needs of adolescent girls, and their families must either make sacrifices or else persuade the girl to make do with what is available. The Sex Position Luo Girls of the parents. The attitude of parents towards an adolescent girl is greatly concerned with her economic value and her ability to do domestic work efficiently. An added consideration is the girl's conduct, both in and outside the family circle.

Hence, a girl's ability to work well in the house gives her mother a satisfaction which finds an outlet in conversation with other women. The mother strives to put forward the merits of her daughter as well as her social conduct in the community, while the young girl becomes almost mistress of the house, her mother hardly touching the work - especially when there is more than one adolescent daughter.

The shock experienced when the girl is married is a matter which some of the envious neighbours do not refrain from mentioning. On the other hand, a daughter who is inefficient in domestic work is no credit to her mother's reputation. There is therefore frequent friction between some mothers and daughters. The father, while maintaining an interest of his own, does not exhibit his liking for his daughter so openly. The economic value of a girl to society is gauged by the extent to which a man may be excused his debts on the ground that Sex Position Luo Girls his daughter's marriage he will be able to pay them.

Allowances given to girls are not very generous despite the Sex Position Luo Girls that daughters have a Sex Position Luo Girls economic value than sons. There is a feeling that not much money should be lavished on someone who will not remain in the family to help the father in his old age. The main desire is to see the girl married, and it is a source of worry if she does not associate with men. The girl is also expected to be sociable towards neighbouring women, because if she is unpopular with them they might Sex Position Luo Girls against her in the presence of her suitor or his relatives.

At this time disciplinary Sex Position Luo Girls by the parents slackens, since in order to contact men the girl requires a certain amount of freedom. Disciplinary measures may be exercised only in the event of misconduct, such as running away with a Sex Position Luo Girls man without notice to parents Sex Position Luo Girls having relations which are morally prejudicial to the community life.

The mother, however, loses her dominating influence during the school age and the task of disciplining the older girl Sex Position Luo Girls the duty of Sex Position Luo Girls father or her older brothers. Thus, though it may appear on the surface that Luo society makes no allowance for unrestricted sexual contact, in fact a difficult burden is imposed on the girls, who have to endure considerable inhibition to avoid social censure.

On the other hand, boys enjoy much greater freedom. It would appear that this relatively stronger censure of a girl's conduct derives its strength from the anatomical evidence a woman is required to show on her day of marriage to prove her chastity.

In this Sex Position Luo Girls it appears to be the duty of society to make sure that girls live up to the moral standards which ensure them a successful marriage. Therefore, whilst considerable intermingling is accorded to both sexes, relationships resulting in pregnancies and prostitution are discouraged. And, as has been seen, the social stigma attached to such relationships and their results comes down most heavily on the woman.

In view of the difficulties involved, the girl therefore adopts a compromise. She uses her wit as a defensive means of enabling her to enjoy the companionship of men and at the same time to help her to avoid being overcome by their reasoning.

In this way, an adolescent girl Sex Position Luo Girls is clever at conversation is admired and considered Sex Position Luo Girls by those men with whom she comes into contact. When there are meetings between young girls and men there is accordingly a great deal of Sex Position Luo Girls conversation.

Girls consider men to be full of tricks designed to trap them. Mothers also warn their growing daughters to be careful of their conduct when with the opposite sex, explaining particularly that Sex Position Luo Girls are not to be played with to an extent where the matter becomes serious. When girls go about together in a group they reproach any of their number who give in to men easily.

On Sex Position Luo Girls occasions group morality is far stronger than among those who are more individual in their attitudes. On the whole, girls dislike those men whose chief object is sexual satisfaction. Their caution is often the result of talks on the nature of sexual relationship which girls hold in their communal sleeping places, and with older women.

When newly-married women return to their maternal homes, they freely discuss among themselves - especially during sleeping hours - Sex Position Luo Girls experiences with their husbands. This affords an opportunity for the unmarried adolescent girl to obtain first-hand information on the nature of relationships in married life. The normal first meeting between girls and those with whom they may have sexual relations, takes place by conscious or deliberate arrangements made by the parties concerned, at marriage ceremonies Sex Position Luo Girls in public places like market centres or towns.

They first make each other's acquaintance somewhere between the girl's and the man's house, particularly when the two live in close proximity. These are distinguished from any other meetings in that they are arranged between the male friends and the older adolescent girls or those on the threshold of adolescence.

The meetings which take place during marriage ceremonies are observed with great interest by Sex Position Luo Girls of the nursing age, who watch the older girls' behaviour towards their men friends with keen curiosity.

In many instances introductions are managed through the brothers of the girls. Introductions resulting in marriage may also come about through a girl first acquainting herself with sisters who introduce their brother to her. Brothers of adolescent girls would, like all members of the family, disapprove of a prolonged friendship without any sign of betrothal and would do all they could to persuade the girl to look for another friend.

Sex education of adolescent girls. Girls in the old traditional society had a more deliberate or conscious sex education than they receive in modern times. Instruction on the nature of sexual relationship was formerly given by an old woman of the village, whose hut served as a communal sleeping place for the girls. This old woman was one who must have stopped giving birth to children. She was either a grandmother or an elder wife in a polygamous homestead.

The communal sleeping places Sex Position Luo Girls still a feature of the girls' environment, but many of the modem huts have no experienced woman in them; hence the girls have lost their former source of instruction on both the marital and the following day-to-day relationships.

The change from the traditional type of sex education has forced girls approaching marriage to seek information elsewhere. At present they usually make enquiries of experienced married women living in their neighbourhood.

Beyond a few cautious warnings, mothers are rarely known to take part in the sex education of their daughters while fathers are completely detached from this field of enquiry.

Sex activities in the communal sleeping places. Talks on sex are not the only activities engaged in by adolescent girls in their sleeping places. In some areas they also receive nocturnal visits from young men who have failed to find suitable opportunities to meet them during the day. This is not a widely spread practice, however, which may be due partly to the strict morality imposed by Christian moral conventions.

Sometimes the girls themselves make arrangements to welcome these visitors by night, remaining awake in order to open the door for the men with whom they have made the appointment. Sometimes this form of visit is also carried out by young men without the girls' consent, but if they are discovered, a great outcry is raised against such raiders. It is considered a disgrace to be discovered as an accomplice in raids on the girls' sleeping quarters.

In the past this was kept very secret until several periods had been experienced, and even now its first occurrence is kept secret.

Formerly, early preparations were made for it by instructing the girls about the physical changes involved. The information regarding this important Sex Position Luo Girls happening used to be given by the old woman in whose hut the girls slept.

At present the information is obtained largely from experienced women with whom the girls associate. In the past there was no initiation ceremony to celebrate the event, and today the position remains the same. Although the betrothal of Sex Position Luo Girls girl could take place as early as ten, the social attitude was and still is Sex Position Luo Girls girls should not be handed over to their husbands before attaining maturity.

Even when the mutual handing over took place before this age, the girl was obliged to live in the home of some older woman until the advent Sex Position Luo Girls menstruation.

It is still believed that premature marriage results in great weakness to the girl. The social position of a girl on reaching maturity. The social position of the newly-mature girl is vague and uncertain. Any abnormality of mind, character or body, is a source of anxiety to her family.

Moreover, as most girls marry between sixteen and eighteen, there is a tendency for ill-wishers to over-state the ages of girls above that limit, because the attitude of society towards them is similar to that adopted towards overdue goods. Those who fail to marry at an early age thus become subjects of scorn.

So strong is the pressure exerted by this attitude that unmarried girls, as they grow older, are often forced to marry in the end by taking advantage of the institution of polygamy, which acts as a final method of absorption.

Although she may live to an advanced age, a single girl is continually tormented by the fact that society does not approve of unmarried girls. Traditionally, a mature girl is not allowed to enter her father's or her mother's sleeping place, especially if the mother is still giving birth to children. This restriction, although generally ignored by Christians, applies also to the wives of her uncles.

Those who are her parents or parents by marriage do not go where a girl receives her male visitors. By custom this hut was built beyond view of the parents' huts and served as a sleeping place for boys.

It is considered that a girl who has commenced associating with men should not enter her mother's or father's hut because she would interfere with their powers of reproduction. The fear of incest has led to the practice of keeping young women's Sex Position Luo Girls as separate as possible from those of their brothers, but free association and conversation concerning their mutual interests generally takes place, since brothers and sisters retain an interest in each others' love affairs.

From his sisters, a young man may be informed of things he wishes Sex Position Luo Girls know about his girl friend. Cases of pre-marital pregnancy were very rare in the past, according to most of my informants. But this rarity was not due to the fact that sexual relationships were prohibited.

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The Luo Girl - From Infancy to Marriage (Kenya Literature Bureau, , 80 p.) the mother, still occupying a central position as adviser and supervisor of the girl's work, The sexual life of the adolescent is conditioned by the prevailing social. JAMES MWANGI takes you on a journey through Luo land and whips up born child has often put married families living apart in awkward positions. This fixation with sex probably explains why widows had to take on other. She has compiled and studied research from all over the world into women's sex issues, including recent research into the 'pink pill', or female.

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