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DESCRIPTION: Nickelodeon is one of those channels that we all hold dear to our hearts. The themes and jokes were not always lost on us and they turned us into the weirdest generation so far.

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See more 'Adult Swim' images on Know Your Meme! Adult Swim - FRIGGIN' SEND ME HOME, JACKASS. Like us on Facebook!. These funny fan-made Nickelodeon memes show a different side of the shows Really, Adult Swim and shows that are cartoons (but not for kids) are just us Nickelodeon may not be a video game company, but if there is anything that .. If our pet cat and our pet dog were to hook up what would happen. It makes me want to never watch anything on AdultSwim ever. Low-effort posts, memes and anything that qualifies as a Shitpost handled real life diva attitudes smile, nod, and go hook up with the .. except for multiplayer games. . Well, guess I'm going to watch the latest p Facebook rip of the.

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Nickelodeon is one of those channels that we all hold dear to our hearts. The themes and jokes were not always lost on us and they turned us into the weirdest generation so far. If you don't believe that statement, then how do you explain the rise of memes and Adult Swim? Really, Adult Swim and shows that are cartoons but not for kids are just us wishing we could still watch and enjoy the shows on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network like when we were little humans. Some of us decided not to grow up entirely and keep watching Saturday morning cartoons as a way to not let the world of adults eat us alive.

Nickelodeon may not be a video game company, but if there is anything that deserves to stand alongside video games, it's cartoons. That also includes anime. Nickelodeon made for many of our childhoods, and is remembered fondly next to other greats like Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.

Nickelodeon not only had some of Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook most memorable shows, but truthfully, those shows were funnier than most things that the other networks put out. So take a moment and browse these ultra Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook memes that should make your belly quake with laughter. They'll show a different side to our favorite Nickelodeon shows that we don't usually see.

The awesome thing about this meme is that it's something many of us just Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook when watching the show.

Most of the time people go back to shows they watched when they were younger and realize one of two things: But anything we missed when we were younger consciously may have hit us in the dark deep unconscious.

We may have carried the subliminal messages with us all of these years. Allowing it to shape us into the creature we all are today. Which is probably why we like video games and cartoons so much. Either way, this was a really funny moment to realize! Don't walk around talking about how much power you think you have. Because if not even the Power Rangers can't talk about the intense power of the legendary white Ranger, then neither should anyone else. Not really sure what is going on with the rangers nowadays with all their crazy new forms and whatnot; we honestly can't keep up.

They were ninjas and then samurai. It seems like these TV shows sort of follow some chumpy formula set long ago. The Ninja Turtles went through a few changes too.

Now that's a fun fight we'd like to watch! Leo and the boys vs the Rangers of Power. Where would the bout be held? Or in the streets. Either way, I'm putting my money on Master Splinter showing up and wrecking everyone anyway.

Just looking at Patrick's face we all Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook the feeling. After a heavy meal of meat and potatoes and hopefully mac and cheesethere is always room for dessert. This is a fact, and we're pretty sure we figured out the reason for this. Our bodies know that sugar gives a quick energy boost but often conks out just as fast. A sugar-high, as some kids call it. Sugar is a fast-acting calorie.

So our body is super full from the entire meal we ate and we can barely move. The body sees some cookies and stuff and thinks that it's located the item to boost the energy level. The body lusts for the sweet sugar. And so do our sweet little minds. Chances are everyone who read this caption on the meme read it in Arnold's voice. And we're not talking about football head Arnold.

We're talking about the action hero governor guy Arnold. The one who covered himself in mud to battle an alien monster in the jungle after his entire team Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook wiped out. Arnold saved the world from the predator. We think it would have been nice if the real Arnold made a guest appearance in the show or something.

He could have shown up with a machine gun and yelled some sort of iconic quote Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook everyone. Telling them to make their way to the chopper or something dumb about jingle bells and being a good dad. We all dressed up as Quailman at some point in our lives.

Unless, of course, you've never seen the show and don't even know who Quailman actually is. In which case you are a terrible person and should donate everything you have to people who watched Doug.

Either way, make no mistake. Quailman will steal your girl. The easy thing about dressing up as Quailman is that his outfit is in all of our bedrooms. Maybe not all of us still carry around tighty whiteys, but for those who do, it was probably because you were trying to keep Quailman alive and we salute you. Just throwing a pair of undies over your shorts and stealing your dad's belt for a crown was enough to Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook the job done.

Not everyone uses those filters because we know that no matter what we do in photos, we will always be ugly goblin people who will never be put on television. The accuracy of this meme hits a lot of people deep in their fragile little egos. The idea Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook not being beautiful is devastating. We all know that now, and we also know that he's a bit overweight for a starfish.

And that's okay, all cartoon characters are beautiful in their own way. But too many people don't accept that. They constantly lie and alter their image in ways that are pathetic and sad. And we all know it. We all see it. Just go to the gym and you'll be fine. The shape of Arnold's grandpa's head is nothing short of strange.

For those of you who've never noticed this, that probably means you're a normal human. A normal human, as opposed to a sick depraved primitive savage with no regard for the decency of Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook and children's minds.

The children don't notice this garbage because they haven't yet been subjected to American culture. All that aside, this dude's head is a super long idea of what we all know to be disgusting. We can't really explain much about this photo due to its nature, but for those of you out there reading who get bothered by the shape of a dude's head, we feel your pain and we want you to know you have a friend who understands.

How long has The Simpsons been on the air? Over 25 years, at least. During that time, they've made the world accept cartoon comedy. Shows on Fox are pretty controversial due to the nature of the people in charge. But there's something to be said about their place in network television. A show like The Simpsons paved the way for some of the funniest shows on television, while at the same time offering those without Netflix and Hulu something to watch besides Law and Order.

The Simpsons has done pretty much everything and there is an explanation for it. When a show is on the air for such a long time, it has to stay relevant and not become repetitive otherwise viewership will steadily dwindle. That means trying and doing everything. Including predicting the future.

No one wants to make fun of a person for weight. We've all eaten food; we know how awesome it is. But we all also know what it feels like to stare into the mirror after a shower and realize somethings don't wash off with hot water, soap, and tears.

DJ Khaled does Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook like the character from Ahhh! Real Monstersbut that's only because he's got some extra love grips to hold on to. We're not saying Khaled is a monster who walks around with blue lipstick and holds his eyeballs in his hands. We're saying that these two happen to be long-lost brothers. Or maybe even twins. Now, we have no genetic proof of this, but just take a look at the meme again.

In my high Adult swim hookup a game memes facebook, gum was illegal. No matter what moment of the school day you were walking around, is some teacher saw you with gum, they'd make you spit it out or threaten you with punishment.

So we all got good at chewing secretly and lying. Not being able to chew gum is trivial and so is high school. Even still, when you had gum in this era, everyone wanted a piece. Maybe it was the allure of doing something wrong, or maybe it was because they were so bored at school that chewing on something would make things better. But we all know the real reason is that we all forget to brush our teeth in the morning because apparently, we're still cave dwellers. We praise Robot Chicken for its greatness, but where did the idea truly come from?

It came from 80s and 90s nerds like us who thought it'd be funny to find a way to still play with action figures and clay.

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Expect Facebook messages from God, in the form of small motivations and encouragement. However, it doesn't help that "God's word" is sandwiched between slots ads. Users can also request prayers from others using the app and give prayers to those asking for support. This game is essentially FarmVille on marijuana. Though it's intended for ages 21 and up, the game's description invites users to be part of "the other 'green' movement. If Pot Farm isn't your cup of herbal tea, check out a similar game called Hemp Tycoon.

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Don't know what's happened?? Facebook has some strange apps hidden in the App Center. This Adult Swim game challenges users to help Alan Probe, founder of the ". Adult Swim Games. K likes. We are the official Facebook page for the Adult Swim Games. For support issues with any of our games please email -..

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