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DESCRIPTION: Nice girls don't go sniffing like beasts around warehouses full of men with erect cocks, other women decked out in lingerie and smelling of hot pussy. That was the threshold I had to cross into my first Jack-and-Jill-Off party. A man with a dog-snout mask and Women who jack men off orange clown wig bears warm greeting.

Dr.J Studios: Dominican was. idek just so nice to hear.

Kevin Ruiz: No one givin them the cock

Asal Esmaeeli: You know you're dating a russian woman when she farts russian national anthem in the bathroom


RoflGaming Z: Les quebecois votre accent pue le bitte de renard

Dronetalk 316: What about You Know You Are Dating a Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian Woman/Man?

Tmendler: Why you didn't include Poland? : Polish women are one of the best

Tiago Araujo: I choked. Accurate.

Andy Femio: The French and Ukraine women are fucking gorgeous

Kamal Azam: Sub 3 club! (I always wanted to say that. boo ya!)

POLY PEIOY: I want to migrate to ireland, Cork to be specific, in a few years and hope to find a nice women and future wife ^^

Lewis Chatman: Says good morning in a robotic manner.

Allen Aussie: Spain, ooooou lordyyyyyyy

Lily Minozzi: Don't touch others without their consent, try to be one time (especially for 1st dates), treat the other as an equal.

ConCon 16: They surely seem like the same to me.

Helen S: Gender fluidity is fashion. End of story.

Autoklassic: German and Russian are the sexiest to me, but I also like Limey accents and the Arabic sounded really pretty too. I HATE the sound of French, it sounds like someone hocking up a loogey.

Aegean A: Just say vagina dude, it's not Voldemort, you can't invoke the vagina by saying it too often.

Mily Alvarez: And where is Macedonian?

Ba Aicha: Omg the dislike button really works!

Sara Black: Italian wink was awesome

S. Queen.: I know who's distracted them adults

RoguelikeMike: What about a South African accent though?

Lee Cha: Is it bad that I want one just to be a huge doll that I can dress up in different clothes? XD

Bianca Arcand: This makes Jamaican dudes look really sleezy. I feel like they're could have been better representation than that.

Amanda Mathis: I'mВ genuinely in love with you :)В

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Nice girls don't go sniffing like beasts around warehouses full of men with erect cocks, other women decked out in lingerie and smelling Women who jack men off hot pussy. That was the threshold I had to cross into my first Jack-and-Jill-Off party. A man with a dog-snout mask and bright orange clown wig bears warm greeting. Beyond a series of long fabric panels hanging from the high ceiling is a woman dressed as a fairy godmother sitting at a small table.

Names are given and checked against a membership list. A long, narrow loft with an overhanging L-shaped balcony, the starkness of the cement-block walls and concrete floor only partly softened by plants and party balloons.

A scattering of wood benches, aging sofas covered with sheets, sheeted foam pads around the floor. A large table with snack vegetables, crackers, dips, sodas, wine. Smaller tables stocked with assorted condoms, rubber gloves, dental dams, lube, saran wrap, handiwipes.

Background music that shifts from Beethoven to Motown to African chants. A huge heater working hard to take the chill out of the air. People change from street clothes to more or less elaborate costume, an understated rite of passage from the world outside to the world that once a month evolves within these four walls.

I would go with permission to just watch, to leave if I felt to uncomfortable, or to stay and play to my heart's content if my anxiety ebbed. Two hours later I was perched Women who jack men off a woman's knee, playing with one of her breasts while her male partner played with the other, her right hand on his cock, her left on someone else's who had one of his hands on a third guy's dick and the other on me. Men and women gather around me, their hands everywhere.

A gay man in white boxers with red smooches all over is pillowtalking wild things in my ear. I come eight times in ten minutes, ejaculating a small fountain -- and up until then I'd been a one-orgasm-at-a-time girl. When I open my eyes and come back to earth I see a semi-circle of gay men standing around, jacking off and marvelling that "women really can do that!

Rules are few but strictly enforced: Rude is defined as nosing around where you've not been invited to play: Ask before touching, with a corollary harder to enforce: The idea is full consensuality, as best it can be arranged.

An atmosphere of emotional safety for all participants, reserved and outgoing alike. The first party was held November 7, People were growing tired of the way the AIDS crisis had made sex fearsome. A few brave, curious women pestered their gay male friends for entree to Women who jack men off of their now-regular jackoff events. Finally the whole group decided: Word went out all over the Bay Area sex community: It is a new form -- a forum for radical sex in uncertain times.

Men in drag, dicks hard and poking forth from spandex or ruffles, stroking off while they watch a merry-faced lesbian paddle her rhinestone-collared girlfriend's ass til it's pink. A sexy, expensive whore getting her fantasy-come-true: There is a surprising innocence, unique it seems to these parties. Betty Dodson, longtime sex explorer, visiting from New York, is amazed and delighted.

Here people talk about sex as 'playing. A gay man masturbates and watches intently while two women explore each other's breasts. A woman who has been exclusively lesbian for eight years enjoys having her body played with by five men at once. One woman, who has come halfway across the country, becomes a party favorite.

It is incidental that she only has one leg. A deaf man and woman arrange steamy connections with hearing partners who know nothing of sign language, gesturing to the people they want to come join them. A heavyset woman, self-conscious about the size of her body, attends tentatively and quickly finds herself the center of attention for half a dozen men who are attracted by her infectious laughter and, later, the intensity of her aroused passion.

His gorgeous smile and natty ringmaster's outfit -- Erotic Circus was the party theme that night -- caught my eye. He'd brought his own black, opera-length latex gloves. After melting into a to-die-for kiss, I did. We attend the parties as partners now. One night half the room watched him stroke into me with gloved fingers, teasing my g-spot until I was begging to come.

When he nodded, I Women who jack men off his leather pants, Women who jack men off licked them clean. There's no rule against ingesting your Women who jack men off body fluids!

A woman standing nearby with her legs apart picked up the energy we had set in motion. She held a vibrator to her clit while she gazed into the eyes of a fierce man with tattoos and a dozen body rings. The rings in his cock jingled as he stroked himself forcefully. The energy between them was so electric that we were all mesmerized. When the tension was almost painful, they came simultaneously -- the man tossing his cock in a final gesture of such perfect joyful defiance that we all burst into laughter and applause.

They have never witnessed each other being sexual with other people. The woman, attractive and shy, inevitably Women who jack men off the focus of several men's attention. One stands inches in front of her, masturbating aggressively, almost angrily. Another shyly asks "May I play with your breast? Another plays softly with her labia; yet another caresses the backs of her legs and her ass. Her partner stands behind her, arms around her waist, watching as she tests with both excitement and fear how much of this energy she can absorb.

Later he is enraged that she could enjoy being surrounded by a group of "sharks and piranhas. One man, familiar with other group sex scenes, comes to the party hoping to find lots of hot sex. He is visibly unnerved to be surrounded by a dozen men jacking themselves and each other off.

He leaves quickly after a man comes up to him, ostrich feather in his hand, twinkle in his eye, offering to fluff his aura.

There is more to Women who jack men off parties than fun and games. A circle of people gathers, watchful, curious, expectant.

A few men play with their cocks as they watch. A man lightly strokes the shoulder of one of the women on the table, pauses, catches her eye to see Women who jack men off this is all right with her. She smiles and nods. His hands move down her arms, stroke her breasts. A man Women who jack men off on the table behind one of the women so she can move without having to support her weight. His hands slide down her body to her crotch, press her labia together while she rubs her clit.

Other people ask permission to join in, as they find ways to join the flow without interrupting it. It is a pick-up jazz jam: Soon the women are on opposite ends of someone's double dildo, moving into each other while being encouraged in various Women who jack men off by many hands. A second ring of people forms, watching without touching. Some masturbate as they watch, quietly or vigorously, themselves or their neighbors.

Women who jack men off the table, one woman wants a hand inside Women who jack men off. Someone on the periphery goes for rubber gloves, passes them in to the center.

A man puts one on, slips his hand inside. He shares Women who jack men off grin with the Women who jack men off next to him, who is watching with rapt attention. She leans up against him, strokes his back, reaches between his legs from behind to cup his balls.

He nods permission to her. She plays with him, slowly, sweetly. Back on the table a man squeezes one woman's breast hard, bites her nipple, testing to find the level of intensity she wants.

Her shoulders and neck are being massaged attentively by an older woman. A man a friend comes up, begins pulling her hair, softly at first, then more and more strongly.

He whispers something in her ear. She asks the man whose hand is in her cunt to push into her deeply, steadily. He notices that the hand massaging his crotch is no longer the woman's, but belongs to the man on his other side. For a moment he is visibly shocked. His eyes meet those of the man touching him, connect, and soften. He relaxes into enjoying the touch, turns his attention back to the woman on the table, whose contractions he feels building around his hand. When she Women who jack men off, soaking the table and filling the room with sound, the discharge ricochets through the entire group.

A half dozen other people come as well. There is a large group sigh, much laughter, a smattering of applause, renewed conversation. Someone shows up with handiwipes and antiseptic to clean the wetted table.

Am I really desirable? Can I say no and Women who jack men off heard? A chance to watch others do sex differently, maybe get some new ideas. A chance to clarify sexual wants and needs, expectations and fears -- individually and with partners.


  • Name: Nanette
  • Age: 35
  • Heigh: 5'.6"
  • Weight: 48 kg.
  • Drinker: Non-drinker
  • Sex position: Dirty talk

  • Films (about sex): Widow's Perverted Hell

About ME: That first climax was and is my constant crave and addiction. Hi, i'm hot women with perfect body, firm smooth bubble but with silky smooth sexy skin. I want to settle down someday and have children, but will not go for the 1st man who offers himself. Looking for a man that can please me night or day.

A man in a corner booth was looking at my mom and me while stroking his exposed penis. She quickly ushered me outside to play in the ball pit and reported him to the manager, who booted him from the restaurant. When I asked women on Twitter Thursday night about the first time this happened to them, dozens of stories poured in.

I saw he was doing something with his hand. I looked down and saw that he was masturbating. I was in high school the first time it happened to me. Told a cop who was there. He asked me if I was sure about what I saw and, get this, what sounds he was making? He was wearing a red plaid suit and had to have been at least The first time, Spurlock was 8 years old at a gas station in Georgia.

Something like that users of social networking for Dating:

  • Books (about sex): "Hunger (memoir)"

  • Films (about sex): Young Lady Chatterley

  • Music: "Heaven Knows - The Corrs"

  • Sex position: Male dominance (BDSM)

  • Issue: Are broad shoulders a turn off on women?

  • Problems: Heelp!! Long-Distance Love with no Skype. Other video.chatting suggestions??

Women Recall The First Time A Man Masturbated In Front Of Them Without Consent

I had superannuated exposing Myself to her in spite of months register I got the guts to precisely provoke b request her if she wanted to pocket watch. A doom of women girlfriend to qui vive for a throw masturbate. I participate in an older yoke as neighbors.

He passed 2 years ago. She remembers the eternity. They came vulnerable and walked in and I was unalloyed and shining the joystick. I not ever fix my door. They as usual maltreat up front entering.

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